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Boys In The OD Band  

The Boys In The OD Band was formed in 2003 when H. Lee Brown wanted to recognize some of the folks who have been loyal supporters of the OD Pavilion and who have a love for the music and dance.  New members are announced each year during Spring SOS.  Being selected as a member of the Boys In The Band is a very special  honor and these members were selected because THEY are special.  

The legacy to each member reads:  

“As part of a unique group of lovers of the dance and it’s music, I have been given the honor of being included in the Boys In The Band.  By receiving a statue or plaque of one of the eleven band members that comprise this classic blues band, I am honored with keeping this piece of memorabilia  and charged with bringing it at least once a year to a meeting of all the band members for the purpose of reveling in our good fortune and recognition.  

I am also obligated  to keep this band member safe from harm.  In the event of my untimely demise, or by conscious decision, I will pass this band member on to someone who I think would hold it in high esteem and would value it as much a I and the rest of the group.  By doing so, I will continue to perpetuate the values we hold dear and allow a protégé to cherish this band member as I have, and by it’s possession to participate in something we started as a member of the “Boys In The OD Band”.  

With much love and pride I will bequeath my band member to carry on this tradition.  By possessing this band member, he/she will become a member of the band and participate in all the honors, privileges, and rights that come with being a member of this unique group of people.  I believe I was given this symbol because I love the dance and it’s music and appreciate the lifestyle that surrounds it.

2012 Boys In The Band Party

Photo show from 2009 Boys In The Band Party